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Benchmarking where your business stands is a challenge when you don’t look outside your four walls, especially when it comes to assessing your competition. What’s more, industry research can be helpful, but is full of sweeping generalizations and statistically valid assumptions – so how does that compare to your specific business case or your custom needs?

The details are in the data. Is your eCommerce marketplace best-in-class?

Request your customized marketplace scorecard to find out:

Your Custom eCommerce Marketplace Scorecard

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What's Inside

Valid and Unique GTINs

Top Product Performance Snapshot

Pricing Competitiveness

Attribution Score

Duplicate Listings

Insights on Variants

Why are these scorecard metrics important?

As the experts in eCommerce marketplace catalog and product data, we analyzed the leading catalog KPIs for marketplaces and built a scorecard around the data to enable a better understanding of health and performance. Each of these metrics will give you a score as to how well your marketplace compares to “best-in-class” to reveal what you are doing well, and where there are areas for improvement.

Is Your eCommerce Marketplace Performance Best-In-Class? Find Out Today!

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