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Identifying Quality Sellers

Track Quality Sellers to Identify and Verify Risk

Industry Types


Complete solution from catalog integrity and assortment to seller onboarding and more

Financial Institutions

See the big picture, predict trends and streamline investment opportunities with the right data

Why Clusterfor Identifying Quality Sellers?

Cross-Channel Performance

Cluster has the ability to identify sellers and their performance across channels including eBay, Amazon and, in order to pinpoint more qualified sellers across the market.

Scalable APIs

Being able to locate and analyze quality sellers via an API-first solution makes it more scalable for enterprises to gain more sustainable growth.

Complete View

Cluster provides a complete seller view taking into account their reviews, ratings, GMV and sales estimates.

Actionable Data

Best Practices for Identifying Quality Sellers

Seller Ratings

99.8 = Good
0%-2% Negative Reviews

Portfolio Size

+70% $1MM Sellers
Carry > 20 Items

Fulfillment Flexibility

FBM Sellers are not restricted to FBA’s changing requirements


Established Sellers > 6 months Positive Sales Trends
Seller Buy Box %

Technical Overview

Seller Intelligence API

Coming soon (current seller intelligence is delivered via CSV).

Store Listings API

to retrieve seller storefront listings


While the aforementioned best practices around seller characteristics are pulled from industry standards, our [Cluster] logic includes a combination of reviews in the last 30 days, star ratings, and GMV.

Being able to find, contact and convert A+ sellers with A+ content results in high potential sales with low risk for friction. It can lead to less onboarding time for sellers with inaccurate or unstructured product information, and enhance the reputation of your business with the most competitive assortment.

Cluster has detailed information on all sellers, however for outreach purposes, we have built the database with the top sellers with the biggest opportunities for your business.

This really varies depending on the target list, your business development team and frankly execution. Some customers are using our seller intelligence data to contact hundreds of prospects weekly. We have seen conversions from 2% to 5% but it could be higher or lower. But remember, just adding a few new quality seller partners can have a substantial impact to your business.

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