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Seller Store Analysis

Retrieve full seller storefront listings with deep granularity (item-level attributes) in real time

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Complete solution from catalog integrity and assortment to seller onboarding and more


Access real-time visibility into market share down to SKU-level and build a strong reputation

Why Clusterfor Seller Store Analysis?

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Best Practices for Seller Store Analysis

This requires the unique identifier of the seller. A seller ID (or sometimes called merchant ID) is a publicly available ID number that identifies a storefront and the products sold on Amazon and is unique to the region. This can be sourced from the Amazon webpage as a string of numbers usually found in the products or storefront URL. (The Seller ID appears as “me=[your ID]”.) Alternatively, the seller ID can be sourced by using the Buy Box Owners API.​

Technical Overview

Store Listings API

to retrieve seller storefront listings

Buy Box Owners API

to retrieve seller ID if needed


The maximum amount of Amazon storefront listings that can be retrieved is limited to 2,400 items. However, with the addition of variations and the listings that do not appear in the seller storefront, the number of listings associated with the seller can reach up to 0.5M products. Note: This version currently supports only Amazon US stores.

If the product details are being requested, additional attributes will be retrieved: Brand, Title, Image URL, Leaf Categories, and Root Categories. If this parameter hasn’t been sent, the data that will be retrieved for each listing is the ASIN, price, and last updated date.

Cluster tracks real-time data for its APIs. However, if the store listings have not been called from the Cluster database, the results will show no listings exist until a background process extracts the seller’s store data, and prepares the data for the API call. This guarantees the most updated seller store data.

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