Newly Launched Cluster Provides the Most Reliable eCommerce Catalog and Sales Data to Leading Marketplaces, Adjacent Enterprises and Online Brands

Born out of the expertise of the online seller community, coupled with the most accurate product and market intelligence, Cluster brings together the only cross-channel eCommerce data with product identification technology based on AI and ML in real time, for online enterprises.  


May 4, 2022 – Palo Alto, Calif. and Tel Aviv – Cluster, the most reliable eCommerce data source for marketplaces and online brands, has officially launched as the parent brand of Algopix (both operating under Algopix Holdings Ltd.). Cluster provides the only cross-channel eCommerce data in real time, by leveraging the most comprehensive digital point-of-sale (POS) and normalized catalog data in the market. Cluster serves as the single source of truth for global eCommerce intelligence.

CEO Ori Greenberg first launched Algopix in 2016 with the mission to, “make eCommerce data more accessible and usable so online sellers can make informed decisions.” It was able to aggregate eCommerce data in real time to help sellers research, source and launch their online businesses. Algopix continues to empower the online seller community through, while operating alongside its now parent brand, Cluster – to answer the data needs of larger enterprises including marketplaces and online brands. Cluster already serves more than 60% of the top US marketplaces.

“As more marketplaces and online brands started to pique their interest into learning more about what real-time data can do for their enterprises, we also had to set up a dedicated team and create new solutions and services for this data-oriented audience,” says Greenberg. “At Cluster, we have a global team of smart, hard-working, innovative eCommerce and data experts that make online businesses succeed by creating innovative API-first solutions, but with a startup culture – we can quickly and efficiently address our clients’ needs. Realizing that organizations today rely on several data sources, both internal and external, Cluster’s mission is to normalize all data sources and become the backbone for accurate reporting and decision-making, across the board.”

“Online shopping has become a limitless retail environment for consumers,” adds Andrew Matthews, 15-year CPG industry veteran and newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer of Cluster. “Shoppers are buying across channels and across borders, expecting a seamless customer experience regardless of the point of purchase. Data can no longer be captured by channel or in silos. In order to have full visibility into the entire eCommerce story, cross-channel, real-time data is critical to success.” 


Cluster provides data tracked from global eCommerce channels including Amazon, and eBay, accounting for over 80% of eCommerce sales business – and growing. This enables marketplaces, aggregators, remarketers, payment processors, fulfillment companies, hedge funds and various other online players, to normalize and enhance their catalog data, track pricing, market and demand fluctuations, competitive promotions, find the optimal assortment, recruit power sellers, and more. 

About Cluster Online shopping channels are accelerating and spilling across borders to create a limitless retail environment for consumers. What’s more, enterprises today rely on multiple internal and external data sources to run their businesses. That is why Cluster brings together and enhances the most granular, accurate, cross-channel eCommerce data, so marketplaces and online brands can operate from one single source of truth, and create the best buying experience for their shoppers.
As a global team of API-as-a-product innovators, we help online enterprises thrive by providing the right data to enable smarter, more informed business decisions. By building the industry’s most comprehensive product catalog, coupled with our proprietary AI and ML technology, our customers have full visibility across globally tracked channels including Amazon, and eBay, from over 1 billion products analyzed, over 23 million brands analyzed, and over 80,000 digital POS data providers.
At Cluster, we’re bringing together reliable eCommerce data so enterprises can
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About Algopix
Staying competitive as an online seller means knowing what products are in high demand, what channel is most profitable, and how to source those items in real time. Sellers cannot rely on yesterday’s data to keep up with consumer demands today. That’s why at Algopix, we strive to make eCommerce product and market data more accessible for online sellers to make profitable business decisions based on the most accurate eCommerce data. Get all the marketplace and product data you need to sell smarter, with Algopix. For more information, visit   

About Algopix Holdings Ltd.
Cluster and Algopix are both brands of Algopix Holdings Ltd., with headquarters in the US and Israel. The company is backed by top Silicon Valley VC firms such as SVDC, XSeed Capital, UpWest and Interlace Ventures.